howl youth EP

by kate can wait

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released February 14, 2019

Thanks to La Mesita,my parents and other rad friends.

All songs written and recorded by m. kate rodriguez.

mastered by nancy kells
artwork & design by liz owens

Proceeds from all digital only sales and cassette sales of full length version of howl youth go to the True Self Foundation, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a non-profit supporting the LGBTQIA+ community with various services and programs:
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Track Name: summer vibez
last summer we decided to take it slow
I never stopped to ask you where you wanted to go
that night at the beach you turned to light
and I guess I proved that you were right

will this feeling go away
the feeling that I don't belong
in the hands I yearn to hold

would you ask me to stay
if I packed my things and left
without a word

I remember when you dove into the lake
stunning in the air,you defied fate
surrounded by fireflies we kissed under the moon
my entire world passed me by as you left the room
Track Name: déjame
La noche pasada
Miraba por mi ventana
Astros bailan
Estrellas aúllan
Por ti

Escojo los colores
Para pintar nuestros alrededores
Y me hundo
Por ti

No sé qué decir
Nunca he sido buena en conversaciones
No me digas que me quieres
No me ilusiones

Yo creo cualquier cosa
Si viene de ti
Déjame vivir

Nos recostamos en las nubes
Yo me bajo y tú te subes
Y me caigo
Dime algo
Sobre ti

Querubines a mi guardia
Cuento los lunares en tu espalda
No me miras
El mundo gira
Por ti

Me levanto de mi cama
Ay mi vida está en llamas
Qué tengo que hacer
Para salvar mi corazón
Track Name: licantropía
Por ahí viene el hombre lobo
Me escondo en mi habitación
Debajo de las frisas
Calentada por su protección

Quejas a la luna
Rebotan por las paredes
Esta noche siento el miedo
De no encontrarme cuando salga el sol
Me esfuerzo contra mi cuerpo
Mi último disfraz
Esta noche siento el miedo
De no encontrarme cuando salga el sol

Las arañas de mi mente
Me atrapan en sus redes
Desplazan mi cadáver
Y lo tiran al amanecer
Track Name: lady hydrangea
I miss you so much
a chasm in your heart
please don't go
lady hydrangea

I lead you home (to heaven)
to kiss you farewell
charon guides my pathway
to darkness and love (hell)

Dusk embraces us
My world revolved around you
lady hydrangea
Track Name: vesti2
Siento calor
Debajo de tu vestido
Y veneno en tus labios

Ardor y dolor
Se hacen uno
Ay, mi amor me despido

Yo no entiendo qué hay que hacer
En las manos del placer

Yo me sé el camino a tu casa
Pero no me sé el mío

El cadáver de la noche
Resplandecen mis vivencias

Vivo del brillo de tus ojos
Y el espanto de los míos
Track Name: below the sea
orange glow collapse the sky
a guilty fledgling meant to die
dull my senses

I'm not really happy but I guess this will suffice
affairs of the heart they lead to strife
dull my senses

a choir of anguish
conquers me
day after day
I hope to be
buried 7 leagues below the sea

I box all my emotions and store them in the corner
between numbness and joy I tend to prefer the former
erase these moments

there are sights that always astound
the tv in the room won't make a sound
enjoy these moments

In the autumn of my life
I'm meant to fall
if I go
I'll never come back
this I swear

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