1. Ms. Liza's Psychic Hotline
    Evvy Shark

  2. Antigone The Martyr
    Cultum Draculesti

  3. Órfãs
    A/C Repair School

  4. As a Motherfucker
    Quinton Barnes

  5. I Thought You Said Bandcamp

  6. Lachrymal Heartflesh

    Don't do it, Neil

  8. Carry Me to My Grave
    Spartan Jet-Plex

  9. Mischief Night
    Spartan Jet-Plex, i fight vampires & Infinite Bliss

  10. Profess
    Woven In

  11. Procuram Quati
    Pedroso & Pedrosa

  12. Live
    Spartan Jet-Plex

  13. Amber Ethereal
    Thaumiel Sonozaki

    Backxwash (past collective member)

  15. Cardinality

  16. How I Feel
    Quinton Barnes

  17. Grimalkin & Friends
    Various Artists

  18. Grimalkin Sampler
    Various Artists

  19. God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It
    Backxwash (past collective member)

  20. Berko Lover & So Nice Yesterday split
    Berko Lover & So Nice Yesterday

  21. Prone
    Sylken Somers

  22. Aarupa Remixes
    Quinton Barnes

  23. AARUPA
    Quinton Barnes

  24. For As Briefly As I Live
    Dani Lee Pearce

  25. Time's Up
    Spartan Jet-Plex + Petridisch

  26. Veraniegas
    kate can wait

  27. Still Coming of Age
    (Eli)zabeth Owens

  28. Domestika
    Quinton Barnes

  29. Hexed to Death
    Woven In

  30. Panic Picnic

  31. Black Magic
    Backxwash (past collective member)

  32. Resurrected
    Spartan Jet-Plex

  33. B/X
    Don't Do It, Neil

  34. Body
    Hunting Dog

  35. Deviancy
    Backxwash (past collective member)

  36. LIVE
    The Doll

  37. Descent to Glacial Sphere
    Synthia Slimez

  38. Stevonnie (Posi Vibes)
    So Nice Yesterday

  39. Hit Rendition

  40. It Won't
    Berko Lover

  41. Kingdom Comedown

  42. MERGE

  43. Live at the Crystal Palace

  44. howl youth
    kate can wait

  45. howl youth EP
    kate can wait

  46. Godless Goddess
    Spartan Jet-Plex

  47. Holy Ghost
    Spartan Jet-Plex

  48. A Comprehensive Guide to Burning Out & Exclusive Live Set: Live at Soft Web Studio
    Madison Turner

  49. Live in RVA
    Womajich Dialyseiz

  50. Coming of Age
    (Eli)zabeth Owens

  51. Grimalkin Records: Who We Are (Podcast by Ragbag)


Grimalkin Records Richmond, Virginia

music & zine collective & record label comprised of artists from all over the world to raise money and support social justice & civil rights organizations locally in Richmond, Virginia, USA & worldwide

non-binary finery & the trans fam queer cheer cats

Accepting submissions for physical benefit releases & zine. Please email spartanjetplex@gmail.com.
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